Android Java App – ready installed application

Artificial App V2.0

Mobile Site = Android Mobile Application = Webview

* Back button within the app is active, provides return to the previous page. (throws from the app in almost all apps.)
* If you lose your internet connection while you are in the app, the android message will say “your internet connection has been lost!”
* Since you pull down the app from top to bottom, page renewal like in instagram etc. applications.
* Problem creating in many apps! File upload (picture, video and camera opening) feature is seamlessly active!
* Swipe left and right, Instagram’s option to add pages like camera, timeline and messaging!
* If you do not have an internet connection during connection, Error 404 and “Try Again” button.
* Sending a notification. Notifications come with the logo by opening from top to bottom in the form of title and description. (You can send the notification you want along with your logo to anyone who downloads your app.)
* “Loading ..” message for transitions between pages.

* Phone call, e-mail fix, works without errors.

Extra improvements can be made for your request.

After the sale, it is enough to send us the address of your website.

Java mobile app

Java webview

$ 190,00 – BUY
  • Java

  • Mobile Compatible Sites

  • Must Have Google Play Store Membership

  • Average 12 – 48 Hours Delivery

  • 7/24 Support Email & Whatsapp

  • Whatsapp: +90 538 600 25 64

  • Gsm: +90 537 219 30 32

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